Episode-13: Museum of Sake with Natsuki Kikuya / Return of Keith Norum

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We’ve been telling you that it was coming (since last autumn!) and this week we finally delivered. We’re joined this week by none other than Natsuki Kikuya, founder of Museum of Sake, one of London’s foremost curators of the local sake industry.

Why a “curator of sake”? The depth and breadth of Natsuki’s work and relationship with sake is difficult to categorize into a preexisting job description. As someone shaping the landscape of the current (and as a result, also future) sake market in London, her self-imposed title feels more than apt.

Also, for those paying attention to last week’s episode, you know that Masumi’s Keith Norum was present for a good chunk of Natsuki’s interview, which means that he’s back! Together with Sebastien and Justin, the four discuss challenges in sake education and communication, international market expansion, sake discoveries in Japan, and more.

We were incredibly lucky to get these two stellar individuals in the studio. You’re all rather lucky this week, as we deliver back-to-back episodes two weeks in a row once again! (Don’t get used to it quite yet, however…)

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Thanks for listening!

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