Episode-27: Know Your Hosts: Christopher Pellegrini & Sebastien Lemoine

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Over the past year of doing Sake On Air, believe it or not, one of the most highly requested show topics that we get from our listeners has been for us to do a deep-dive exploring the backgrounds and stories of your regular hosts here on the show.

Originally a bit hesitant – the entire purpose of the show is to provide a voice to those in and around the industry that are underrepresented – we realized that we’ve been doing this for quite a while now without ever properly communicating to our listeners exactly who is involved and their motivations behind, not only Sake On Air, but their involvement in the world of sake.

So with that, we bring you Part 1 of our “Know Your Hosts” series. Each episode will include in-depth interviews with two of your regular Sake On Air hosts. Over four episodes to be released intermittently over the coming months, you’ll have the chance to learn a bit more about the people that came together in order to make Sake On Air possible.

For Part 1, we hear from the show’s shochu ambassador, Christopher Pellegrini, as well as our deep culture guru and resident Frenchman, Sebastien Lemoine.

Now that we’ve gone through the process of recording all of these, we’re actually really excited to finally share the stories of the people behind the microphones with all of our listeners. If you have any questions for this week’s hosts (and interviewees!), feel free to reach out to us at questions@sakeonair.staba.jp, or via the contact page on our brand new website.

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Thanks for listening, and kampai!

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