Episode-103: Tippsy Sake with Genki Ito & Sachiko Miyagi

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Somehow, they’ve done it.

Despite the long list of complex and seemingly impenetrable barriers, the folks at Tippsy have managed to make a large, diverse, and inspiring range of sake available to anyone just about anywhere in the U.S. Since founding Tippsy in 2018, Genki Ito has managed to expand Tippsy’s offerings to over 400 unique products and make them available to nearly every state across the country.

What exactly is, “Tippsy”, you ask? In addition to being a reliable place to shop for sake online in the United States, Tippsy also offers a curated subscription service, opportunities to communicate and learn with a global community of sake fans and sake-curious, and a wealth of high-quality educational and informative materials about sake.

The mission that Genki set out on was propelled forward when joined by current portfolio manager, Sachiko Miyagi. An experienced and highly decorated and certified sake educator, Sachiko has made herself the bridge between untapped sake knowledge and undiscovered sake lovers of the future.

This week we’re lucky to be joined by both Genki and Sachiko to share with us the challenges and aspirations that have formed the past and will inform the future of Tippsy, and how they plan to get sake into the hands of the millions of people out there unknowingly waiting to begin their own sake journey.

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