Episode-34: Know Your Hosts: Marie Nagata & Justin Potts

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Continuing with our Meet Your Hosts series, this week we bring you interviews with another pair from the team here at Sake On Air.

First up we have Marie Nagata, interviewed by John Gauntner – a bit of an interesting dynamic, as it was Marie’s participation in John’s Sake Professional Course and the community of sake lovers and sake-curious who shared that experience with her that initially lured her down this path, as you’ll hear her describe. Essentially, a Jedi Master interviewing his young Padawan. From her globetrotting upbringing to her time as a brewer, as well as touching upon her new endeavors and her advice for those getting started with the category, it’s a fun, lighthearted and motivating discussion that highlights how the passion for sake is getting passed from generation to generation.  

In the latter half of the episode we have Justin Potts being interviewed by Sebastien Lemoine. (You can listen to the reverse of this back on Episode 27). From fermentation to farming, brewing to educating, local food to the role of family in the future of sake, and advocacy for the necessity of kanzake, the conversation takes many turns and (hopefully) rewards the listener willing to accompany Justin in his adventures and ramblings.

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We’ve got a lot coming down the pipeline in March.

Stay tuned and Kampai!

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