Episode-93: Sake Travel Episode 5: Kyoto with the Sake Concierge

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“My life in Kyoto is my life in sake.”

Those few words from this week’s guest, Sake Concierge Takashi “Umio” Eguchi, rather appropriately and succinctly sum up why it is we were so excited to have him join us to explore such an iconic sake region.

Author of the excellent tasting notes for The Japanese Sake Bible, host of his insightful YouTube tasting series and the accompanying Sake Concierge website, as well as hosting a wide range of tasting events and tours throughout Kyoto and the surrounding regions exploring the finer details of sake, Umio’s love and appreciation for his home of Kyoto is palpable.

Note, however, that while this week’s show does indeed touch upon the greater Kyoto region just a bit, as often happens, the Fushimi region pretty much steals the show this week. Which is fine, as there’s never enough time that can be dedicated to this iconic area. (Those keen to dig deeper can revisit Episode 55, or John’s interview with Gekkeikan from the Sake Future Summit, as well). Rest assured, we’ll be back to Kyoto again – and again, and again... 

Another exciting component of this week’s show is that we’ve finally got our often behind-the-scenes, ever-traveling social media supervisor (and co-host of Sake Unplugged), Cindy Bissig taking a turn in the interviewer seat!

And one more thing: as you’ll hear at the top of the episode, Sake Future Summit is coming back! Tune-in for info on dates and times and be sure to follow along for more details as they materialize.

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We’ll be back with more Sake On Air in just a couple of weeks.
Until then, kampai!

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