Episode-2: State of the Industry

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EP 2 – State of the Industry: Japan How in the world did we get here? Where exactly are we? Where is all this headed? These are the themes that Christopher Hughes, Sebastien Lemoine and Justin Potts share, ponder and discuss on this episode of Sake on Air. From tax laws to land reform, market perception to distribution, we try to apply a bit of context for the current state that the sake industry (in Japan) is in. Looking strictly at the numbers, things appear a bit dire. But looking at what’s been taking place here on the ground in recent years, there’s nothing but excitement as to how far the industry could develop, the shape it could take, and what sake has the potential to become. Here’s the thing: this is a massive topic. Here’s the reality: there’s a bit of rambling. Here’s what we’d love: for you to let us know specifically what you’d like to know more about. If you are interested in and care about what sake has in store for the world (we hope you do!), mail us at questions@sakeonair.staba.jp and tell what you’d like us to find the answers to. What about the state of the industry interests you? What are you curious about? Give us the questions, and on a future episode, we’ll give you the answers. As this is our final warm-up(ish?) episode, we’re already planning a follow up on the topic. For the next round, instead of making it our episode, we’d rather make it yours. @sakeonair is where you can find us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. You can also find us on Soundcloud and YouTube very soon. Sake On Air is made possible with the generous support of the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association and is a joint production between Potts.K Productions and Export Japan. Please subscribe and maybe after a couple more episodes, once we’re up to speed and have ironed out the kinks a bit, you’re more than welcome to leave us a nice review to help us share the sake love with more listeners like yourself. Thanks for listening! Kampai! Our theme is “Younger Today Than Tomorrow” composed by forSomethingNew for Sake On Air.