Episode-39: Dojima Sake with Tony Mitchell

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Like most all of our listeners, we’re keeping rather close to home these days. The nature of things makes it a bit challenging for the team to gather and record, but on the bright side, it’s given us the time to dig through the archives and finally get around to editing some of our on-the-road interviews that have been gradually piling up over the past several months. Starting this week, we bring you “Sake-On-Air-On-The-Road”!

For this week’s show, Big Chris (Hughes) is interviewing Tony Mitchell, brewer at Cambridge’s pioneering Dojima Sake Brewery, in a conversation that took place on location at the brewery while Chris was back in the U.K. during a visit home in 2019.

Dojima Sake Brewery’s plans are expansive and ambitious, and that ambition helping to drive the unprecedented model that Dojima is cultivating is palpable when listening to Tony’s passion for his craft and the lifestyle that he’s managed to cultivate around it. In addition to discussing the brewery’s exciting approach to crafting great sake while at the same time creating a cultural hub for Japan’s iconic beverage in the Cambridge countryside, the two also spend time discussing Tony’s days at Wakatakeya Sake Brewery in Fukuoka, and the experience that transformed the course of his life for good.

Being on the road and at the brewery, you’ll likely be able to tell that we weren’t able to take advantage of our regular recording equipment. Your understanding is appreciated.

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