Episode-99: Bringing Sake into the American Mainstream (Sake Future Summit 2022)

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Last week we brought you the first session from Sake Future Summit 2022 in a nice, easy-to-digest podcast package. (Videos from across the two weekends are, of course, still available for your viewing pleasure). This week we’re continuing that trend and bringing you another very special session that specifically examined the current and possible future state of the U.S. sake market, titled appropriately, Bringing Sake to the American Mainstream.

This particular roundtable was hosted by Weston Konishi, president of the Sake Brewers Association of North America. Joining him was Nina Murphy, owner of Sunflower Sake in Portland, Oregon, Pablo Rivera, founder of WESAKE, and Matt Bell, CEO of Origami Sake in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Each of these three inspiring entrepreneurs comes from a very different professional background and the resulting path that they’re charting for their own sake projects are equally unique, each poised to chart a new and exciting trajectory for the future of sake across the U.S.

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Believe it or not, next week we’ll be back for our 100th episode of Sake On Air.
Until then, kampai!

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