Episode-04: MUROKA: On Your Own Terms with Andrew Centofante

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Is it “unfiltered”?

This week’s episode of On Your Own Terms explores one component of sake’s rather confusing classification of filtered vs. unfiltered when we discuss muroka sake with one exceptional gentleman who happens to be both the owner and head brewer of North American Sake Brewery and co-founder of the Sake Brewers Association of North America, Andrew Centofante.

Often simply communicated as, “unfiltered”, muroka is just one of many processes and choices available to a brewery when deciding the nature of the sake that they want to send out into the world. As concepts such as “low intervention” increase in popularity and align with the values of more and more brewers and consumers, muroka is gradually becoming more and more a key piece of vocabulary related to sake-specific communication. But is “unfiltered” entirely accurate? Is there more to it? This week regular host Justin Potts sits down with Andrew to discuss.

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Until then, kampai!

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