Episode-06: ARABASHIRI: On Your Own Terms with Keith Norum

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Not only can a single batch of sake be broken down into unique seasonal releases, it can even be divided up into a range of unique products immediately following the pressing of a single batch.

One possible way to do so would be to set aside (and then promptly bottle and distribute) what’s known as “arabashiri”, often translated as “first run”. This week we’re thrilled to be joined once again by previous guest of Masumi fame, Keith Norum. What exactly is “arabashiri”, and is it something you should be on the lookout for? Keith is the perfect guest to speak on the topic because not only does Masumi do a spectacular annual Arabashiri release, their specific product actually differs a bit from the conventional definition of the word, leading to some great Masumi stories as well as a great compare-and-contrast conversation that will hopefully shed more light on this often underappreciated bottling and help our listeners better understand the term as a result.

Anyone keen to follow Keith on a detailed brewery tour of Masumi can do so here, as well as keep up-to-date with Masumi straight from the source in Nagano right here.

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We’ll be back with more Sake On Air – On Your Own Terms, very soon.
Until then, kampai!

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