Episode-110: Shochu Cocktails with Suzu

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In this week's episode of Sake On Air we dive further into the world of Shochu and Cocktails as we are excited to have had the chance to talk to Christian Suzuki-Orellana, aka ‘Suzu’, the founder of Kagano Pop-Up, General Manager & Bartender at "Wildhawk" as well as a participant of the immensely popular Netflix show, “Drink Masters”. 

Among his many achievements, he has been nominated for best US Cocktail Bar and Bartender of the Year in 2022 and is currently traveling all over the world to serve up some finger-licking delicious Cocktails that are often inspired by his childhood and teenage years living and working in Tokyo in his grandparents' restaurant. 

So when our friends and sponsors at the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association told us they had invited him and a delegation of inspiring mixologists to Japan for a special Shochu tour and workshop, we could not believe our luck.

Looking at his impressive resume of working in some of San Francisco’s most iconic cocktail bars, including 15 Romolo, Benjamin Cooper, and Wildhawk, we decided to bring another Cocktail powerhouse as a guest host for this week's Podcast, no other than Joshin Atone, former SG Shochu brand manager and founder of “Flow”, a brand and operations consultancy for bar projects and beyond. Find out more about him in our Episode-47: The SG Shochu with Joshin Atone.

To keep the balance and hear more from these two Cocktail masters this episode is facilitated by our very own Cindy Bissig, who besides enjoying a few cocktails here and there also had the chance to meet Suzu in person at the Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center, hear about his trip to Kagoshima and try some of the Cocktail creations not just Suzu, but the group of Bartenders came up with.

This episode will give you deep insights into Cocktail design, the relevance of Shochu now, and the possibilities for it in the future as well as some very personal anecdotes as both our guest host and Suzu share with us their passion, their challenges, and their vision for the future.

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We’ll be back very soon with plenty more Sake On Air.
Until then, kampai!
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