Episode-112: Sake in Brazil with Fabio Ota

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Fabio Ota joins regular host Sebastien Lemoine to talk all things sake in Brazil. Fabio, a lawyer turned sake guy, is the CEO and creator of Megasake, São Paulo’s premier sake shop and distributor. He was named a Sake Samurai earlier this year as part of the 18h cohort, and holds 13 different sake certifications.

Sebastien and Fabio get into the ins and outs of the unique nature of sake in Brazil, especially as it relates to the community of Brazilians with Japanese heritage. Although sake is made domestically in Brazil, premium nihonshu (sake made in Japan) has yet to make much of a splash. Fabio and his company are positioned to change that, especially in their work showing chefs how to add sake to their menus and how to pair sake with food. Fabio is also a masterful sake educator who has led courses on sake for over 1,800 F&B professionals and often hosts sake events in Brazil with other Japan connected organizations like the recent Festival do Sake that he held with JSS and the Japan House São Paulo.

Give Megasake a follow over on instagram, especially if you live in São Paulo! https://www.instagram.com/megasake/

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