Episode-36: Building a Brewery Down Under with Zenkuro & Melbourne Sake (Part 2)

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As promised, we’re coming right back with Part 2 of our exploration into what goes into paving the way for a brand new sake brewery outside of Japan.

We continue our conversation with David Joll, owner and head brewer at Queenstown’s, Zenkuro, along with Matthew Shaw, co-owner and head brewer Melbourne Sake, which if all goes according to plan, should be opening its doors in the relatively near future.

You have the same SOA crew as last week, with Marie Nagata, Chris Hughes, Justin Potts, and Sebastien Lemoine further digging in to the unique challenges associated with a beverage that has been so hyper localized to a specific region for so long. What are the true essentials for crafting quality sake? What can you not live without? To what degree can you feasibly DIY some decent equipment? What can really only be realized with the support of the people and equipment from Japan?

All of that and more as we close out this special two-part series with these inspiring gentlemen.

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We’ve got one more episode set to release before the end of March. There’s a lot we want to share with you all.

Take care of yourselves and one another. We’re all on this together. And while sake isn’t a solution to our global challenges, we’d like to think that a full tokkuri with a bit of regularity certainly couldn’t hurt, as well.


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