Episode-43: Shochu Talk: 1st Edition

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This week’s episode is precisely what you’d assume it to be: the crew talking shochu.

It had been a bit too long since we’d last done a real shochu-centric show, so we decided to drag Christopher Pellegrini into the studio to update us on some of the latest industry happenings and also humor our questions and musings.

While we do get down into the nitty-gritty a bit, this week’s show is actually very casual and free-form. Instead of focusing on something very specific, taking a little time to just discuss the possibilities and implications of some of the rapid changes and recent happenings felt like a worthwhile exercise. We hope you think so too.

From new trends in local styles to efforts in international expansion, ways that unconventional producers are pushing the boundaries of the definition of “shochu” and how it could both help and hurt communication for the category as a whole, shochu makers expanding their offerings to more and more spirits categories, from gin, to whiskey, and more, we run the gamut this week.

So, pour yourself a glass of honkaku shochu and settle in with Marie Nagata, Sebastien Lemoine and Chris Hughes, along with our shochu pro Chirstopher Pellegrini, for and hour of all-things-shochu. We tagged this episode, “1st Edition”. It is indeed the first – possibly in a new series – or it could prove to be the last. We’ll see! Attacking shochu in this format was fun for us and we’d like to do it on a regular basis, but let us know what you think.

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Thanks for listening and we’ll be back with more Sake On Air in a couple of weeks.
Until then, Kampai!

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