Episode-94: Seasonal Sake with Namazake Paul

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For Paul Willenberg – aka “Namazake Paul”– namazake is a unique exploration into the seasonality of sake.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Paul has been lovingly cultivating what’s become arguably the most prolific source for unpasteurized sake (namazake) in the U.S. Due to namazake being primarily available only as seasonal, limited releases, along with the logistical challenges (and costs) associated with bringing this special sub-category of sake to a market that’s still very much in its early stages, availability of this exciting slice of the sake category has long been limited. However, thanks to Paul’s passion and commitment, awareness is growing, as is demand.

This week Sake On Air hosts Chris Hughes and Sebastien Lemoine sit down with Namazake Paul to discuss the appeal and possibilities unique to the world of namazake, as well as the approaches and challenges to making a nama-filled sake world a reality.

And speaking of seasonality, it just so happens that Paul has put together a special labor-of-love for the holiday season: the world’s first and only Sake Advent Calendar! If you’re listening to this week’s episode and have someone in your life that you think would benefit from a holiday season fueled by delicious sake, or if you’re looking to treat yourself a bit this year, there’s still time to score this special seasonal package in time for the holidays.

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We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more Sake on Air.
Until then, kampai!

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