Episode-102: Discovering Yamaguchi Sake with Jim Rion

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Books dedicated entirely to specific sake-producing regions have for all intents and purposes been non-existent in the English language; at least, until now.

Enter, Discovering Yamaguchi Sake: A Taster’s Guide to Breweries, Culture, and Terrain, the recently released publication from Stone Bridge Press written by long-time Yamaguchi-resident, sake specialist, and fellow podcaster, Jim Rion.

Sake long being in need of a tome dedicated to exploring the regional characteristics of a unique sake brewing region, Jim’s hard work and dedication to the industry and to his relationships nurtured over many years with the breweries of Yamaguchi Prefecture make Discovering Yamaguchi Sake a long-awaited and much-needed contribution to the dialogue surrounding sake and its regionality. Making equal real estate for the region’s movers-and-shakers alongside the less well-known or more obscure breweries and labels does the region and the topic a great service, making the book a fantastic balanced representation of the region and a highly recommended addition to anyone’s sake library.

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