Episode-01: NAMA: On Your Own Terms with Jorge Navarette

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This week we kick off a brand-new mini-series looking at sake (or shochu)-specific terminology in a new way.

Up until now we’ve occasionally hosted in-depth discussions on hyper-specific topics unique to sake or shochu making, service, or experiences (see: Koji Basics, Kanzake, etc.), where we would round up our hosts or a team of specialists in attempt to unravel exciting and essential topics related to our favorite drink categories.

Based on what our listeners have told us (and what the numbers say), more-often-than-not these have been our most popular and most requested show format. It turns out people want to dig into this stuff!

This got us thinking: maybe there’s a way for us to explore these important terminology in a manner that’s both more concise, while also maintaining and valuing the range of perspectives that coexist around these topics.

Our (tentative) response to that question is this brand new (mini?) series, “On Your Own Terms”, where one of our hosts invites a special guest who is proactively working or engaged in the world of sake or shochu, asking them to introduce to us a specific piece of vocabulary that they feel is particularly significant or close to their heart – on their own terms.

Understanding “what” a particular term means is important, but understanding and appreciating an individual’s understanding and appreciation for a theme or topic is, we think, equally important. Here at Sake On Air, while we do our best to provide answers, more than anything, we want to offer new perspectives. That way sake lovers (and our lovely listeners) can hopefully enjoy sake not only the way they were “taught”, but more freely and enjoyably on their own terms.

For this first iteration we welcome back to the show Jorge Navarette, brewer, sales manager, and all-in-one sake powerhouse at Matsui Shuzo – makers of Kagura – located in the heart of Kyoto. (Jorge previously joined us back on Episode 49: Kurabito Life). Jorge’s terminology of choice this week: nama. Being a brewery that doubled down on nama as a core component of their main product line, he and the team at Matsui Shuzo are in a great position to not only define, but offer perspective on what it means to both brew, sell, and enjoy namazake as more and more sake drinkers’ curiosity is piqued by the world of entirely unpasteurized sake.

For this new series, we’re going to be coming at you rapid-fire over the next several weeks, examining what this sort of show format could look like in a world of Sake On Air that happens with greater frequency, as well as to gauge what our listeners think. So please, let us know! You can share your thoughts @sakeonair on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, or send us a message anytime at questions@sakeonair.com.

We’ll be back with more Sake On Air – On Your Own Terms, before you know it.
Until then, kampai!

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