Episode-118: Preserving the Flavors of Sake with Coravin & Toku

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During the recording of Episode 115 “Should sake be promoted like wine?”, Sarah Stewart mentioned a research project between some members of the British Sake Association, and Coravin, the US firm selling a device aimed at preserving the flavors of wine in the bottle after indulging oneself with one glass or two. Intrigued, Sebastien Lemoine reached out to Grace Hunt, Chief Operating Officer at Toku Sake, a premium Junmai Daiginjo produced in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, for the UK market, as well Greg Lambrecht, inventor of Coravin and Chairman of the company, based in Boston.

You will hear about Coravin’s history and how the device works, in general and for sake (in effect the results of the research project launched by Toku Sake), as well as how Coravin is helping Toku Sake to open new doors at bars and restaurants. 

If you ‘d like to share what devices you are using to preserve the flavors of your favorite drink after opening a bottle, you can do so on InstagramX, or Facebook, and you can reach us all directly with your thoughts or questions at questions@sakeonair.com.

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Until then, kampai!

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