Episode-119: Craft Sake Week with Rebekah Wilson Lye

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In this week's episode of Sake On Air Sebastien Lemoin and Cindy Bissig are talking about the World’s largest sake event, which just so happens to be a project that one of our other regular hosts; Rebekah Wilson Lye is deeply involved in. We are of course talking about Craft Sake Week in Tokyo!

Japan’s most prominent sake event, which was founded by no other than Hidetoshi Nakata in 2016 is not it its 8th installment and is promising to top everything we have seen before. With even more “extra time”, this year CSW will be over the duration of 12 days (kicking off on the 18th of April and finishing on the 29th of April 2024), showcasing 120 breweries from all around Japan bringing some of the best brews available including sake we do not often see at similar events. Accompanied by some of the best food Tokyo has to offer in a stunning space featuring Taichi Kuma’s fabulous art installations, as well as the chance to experience an electrifying lineup of DJs and performers that will elevate your evening with unforgettable entertainment.

But aside from the obvious, CSW is so much more and in this episode we are digging a little deeper than just mentioning the breweries or how to navigate it. We were lucky to have Rebekah share with us not just her extensive knowledge of the sake world per se, but also the trends she has been witnessing over almost a decade of CSW, how the industry evolved and how that is reflected in this very special festival.

We hope that this will help you enjoy this special event and of course if you are having questions or comments please do share them with us at questions@sakeonair.com or head over to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook we would love to hear from you!

We’ll be back very soon with plenty more Sake On Air.

Until then, kampai!

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