Episode-120: Designing Your Own Sake with Nathaniel Hoy

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This week Chris Hughes continues our discussion of contract brewing sake with a conversation with Nathaniel Hoy. We started this series with Episode-117: A Sake of Your Own: Contract Brewing Sake: in which Sebastien Lemoine, Chris and Justin Potts shared their opinions and expertise on the trend of sake companies brewing custom sakes for clients. We recommend you listen to that episode before listening to Chris’s interview with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel describes himself as just a sake enthusiast, but he is much more than that. Aside from collecting professional sake certifications, Nate worked at Kintora Shuzo in Nagoya during the Pandemic. He still spends much of his time promoting the brewery. He is also the creator of “En” a custom-brewed sake that he made with Sekiya Brewery Ginjo Koubou. The way he went about deciding what kind of sake to make left even Chris rather surprised.

In this episode we learn more about the process of custom ordering sake. We also learn about Nate’s special relationship with Sekiya Brewery, and how that enabled him to make a fully unique sake.

If you want to know what “En” tastes like and are in Japan, you can reach out to Nate via his Instagram. His sake may also start being sold in some sake shops, as he is making more of it every year!

Of course and as always, if you have questions or comments please do share them with us at questions@sakeonair.com or head over to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook we would love to hear from you! We’ll be back very soon with plenty more Sake On Air.

Until then, kampai!

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