Episode-26: Guide to Japanese Drinks w/ Stephen Lyman

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This week’s episode is especially timely, as Justin managed to squeeze in an interview with Stephen Lyaman to coincide with the launch of his brand new book, The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks, co-authored together with Chris Bunting, author of Drinking Japan, which released October 1st in the U.S. and is already largely available internationally thanks to Tuttle Publishing.

Those familiar with Stephen’s work may associate mostly with Japan’s beloved indigenous spirit, shochu. Sake On Air’s shochu aficionado, Christopher Pellegrini sat down for an extensive interview with Stephen back in Episode 14. Giving that show a listen first will be a great primer for this week’s discussion.

This week’s show is a lot of fun because we delve into a great deal more than just sake and shochu. A rarity for the show, Stephen’s new book gave us a great opportunity to discuss Japanese wine, whiskey, beer, cocktails, and how all of these things play into the greater landscape of ‘drinking in Japan.’

Stephen is currently on the road promoting his new book, so be sure to listen in for upcoming tour dates, as well as follow him on Twitter and Instagram in order to keep tabs on the Kyushu-based founder of Kampai.us and East Coast instructor for the Sake School of America Certified Shochu Advisor Course, and hopefully thank him in-person for his great contribution with The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks.

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